How to Save and Watch a Video Offline after Downloading it from YouTube?

Our free, efficient application MP3Studio downloader gives you the ability to download videos from YouTube and view them offline wherever you may be. If you have a long-haul journey planned, the MP3Studio app could ideal to help keep you entertained with your favorite YouTuber. If music is more your thing, it also allows you only to download music.

  1. Select a Video or Audio of your Choice

  2. First, select the video you wish to view, then copy its URL at the top of the page. For example, the trailer of the new film you would like to watch in the cinema.

  3. Copy the Link of the Video you would like to Download and Use the MP3Studio Application

  4. The Required Format for Video and Audio

  5. Paste the link into the bar, where it says, “Paste your link and convert.” When you poise your cursor on the blues box, which is beside the link, it automatically “defaults” to mp3, which is what you need if you only wish to listen to the audio. If you want a video, also, you need to select the mp4 option from the drop-down section.

  6. Converting the Video to your Computer. Download in HD

  7. To enable MP3Studio to convert both audio and video to your computer, you need to click the “Convert to” button. The process will begin and only take a few moments. Once this is complete, you are then able to download the file to your computer. And you can watch a video offline where you want and when you want!

  8. How to Access and Play the File Once Downloaded it

  9. To access your file using the MP3Studio app, you need to single click on the “Ready” button that appears on the left-hand side of your computer screen. You can then view the files it contains, and you need to double click on the video or audio of your choosing. It then opens and automatically plays at the bottom of your computer screen.

MP3Studio downloader is a free way to access your favorite videos or must-have tunes, plus it is so easy to use!