MP3Studio Youtube Downloader
Version 1.5 Release date May 10, 2021

YouTube Downloader for PC!

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Choose the Format

Convert YouTube videos to .mp3, .avi, .wma, .mp4 and more. This free YouTube video/audio downloader features formats suitable for your needs.


Multi Downloader

App can download up to 99 files at once, allowing you to convert whole playlists to the format you like! Get more for the same time!


HD Quality

Get HD videos through MP3Studio with two steps -- click and download.


Convenient audio player

With the modern audio player, MP3Studio lets you listen to any song before downloading it.


ID3 Tag Editor

Our software will help you assign ID3 to every song you download, letting you identify every track in your playlists.


Fast Download

Download your favorite songs with excellent speed. This YouTube downloader lets you download multiple songs without a data cap.

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What can MP3Studio YouTube Downloader Do?

If you want to convert music and download videos easily then MP3Studio video downloader for PC will be your personal helper! Our free application will aid you in getting any video from Youtube without wasting your time.

With its simple interface, this music downloader for PC works perfectly and doesn’t require any extra software installations or annoying and lengthy registrations. MP3Studio is an extremely convenient and simple YouTube video downloader for PC that lets you download by just copying and pasting the link.

In addition to its great features, this application has a built-in ID3 Tag Editor which will allow you to easily store and categorize the music you downloaded. MP3Studio has a wide range of different settings giving you an opportunity to instantly place the downloaded songs on your flash drive or any other device which you might be using for music.

MP3Studio does not only let you pick various formats suitable to your needs, it also lets you download with excellent speed.

Downloading music has never this easy!

Instructions: How to use the MP3Studio YouTube downloader

MP3Studio is all you'll need if you ever want to download all sorts of media files. Just download and install the app for an unlimited source of video and music content on demand


Download the MP3Studio app from our official website

Click on the big DOWNLOAD button below to get the MP3Studio app for Windows or Android. Launch the installation file to start installing and follow through with the process.


Choose the video you want to download

First, go to YouTube or any other video streaming service and select the video that you'd like and copy the link for that video from your browser's address bar.


Paste the link into the input field of our YouTube downloader

Open the MP3Studio YouTube downloader and paste the link for the video or the playlist that you have selected into the input field of the app.


Select the audio/video format to download

MP3Studio supports various audio and video files. Choose the one that is the most suitable for your needs or is supported by your device.


Click the “Convert” button to begin the conversion process

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just click “Convert”, be patient and wait just a little bit. Your video will be converted and downloaded in no time!


Enjoy our free YouTube downloader!

Now you can use our MP3Studio app for free and for as long as you like! Follow our news and make sure to get this app updated if the need arises.