Version 2.0 Release date July 14, 2024

YouTube Audio Downloader

MP3Studio YouTube Audio Downloader makes storing videos on your smartphone or computer easy. It lets you select from varying file types and qualities when downloading.

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Advantages of YouTube audio Downloader

Lots of Formats at Your Disposal

You can turn any YouTube video to formats like .avi, .mp4, mp3, wma, and many more. Whatever your needs, our downloader has got you covered.

Batch Downloading

Save loads of time by converting entire playlists in a few simple clicks! You can convert a maximum of 99 videos at a time.

1080p Quality

Enjoy 1080p quality with MP3Studio by following only two steps – clicking and downloading is all it takes.

Audio Preview

MP3Studio’s built-in music player allows you to preview songs before downloading them.

Support for ID3 Tags

Don’t remember the name of a song or artist? There’s no more need for guessing since our app makes it easy for every downloaded song to get its own ID3 tag.

Quick and Straightforward

Our downloader is a fast and convenient tool to get a hold of any video from YouTube and save it as an MP4 or MP3. All you need to do is copy a video's address into the search box & select "convert."

User Reviews

  • I’ve been looking for a cool mp4 music downloader for a long time. And then I’ve found this app. It allows me to download thousands of songs as fast as possible.
  • The app is so easy to use and helpful for my work reports!! It lets me download tracks from youtube to pc with the click of a mouse!
  • It works perfectly on my pc. I would highly recommend it to other people if they like downloading mp3 YouTube songs with no trouble.
  • Convenient mp3 download from youtube. Your app helps me with my DJing. I convert thousand of songs every day, create my samples and then perform on stage.
  • Thank you for having a good mp4 music downloader that does what it says. I was so glad to see and use so many audio formats!
  • The program works for a couple of sessions and then the youtube parsing info exception errors begin. I paid just under 30 dollars for this program. The about comments on this program claim unlimited downloading. There is absolutely no technical support feature with this program and no contact information provided for the program's writer. The only option you have is to leave feedback which, as of yet, does not get replied to.

  • no hay forma humana de darse de baja

  • Erg betrouwbare site, niet te duur en werkt perfect! ook hele youtube playlists kan je downloaden

  • Wekt perfect en voor de som moet je het zeker aanschaffen.

  • Top aanrader Ongeveer 1 maand in gebruik (betaalde versie) tot nu bevalt het super. Aanrader!!

  • MP3 Studio: The Best Audio Program: The above mention qualities can help you choose the safest YouTube downloader. And one of them is MP3 Studio. It allows you to listen to YouTube online as well as offline by downloading the file. It is the best website because it gives you the option to listen to your music even when you don’t have Wi-Fi access. And with that, it provides you with the best quality music offline.

What can MP3Studio YouTube Audio Downloader Do?

You’ll quickly come to know and love MP3Studio as your go-to cost-free software for storing YouTube videos and the audio ripped from them alike on any system. Want access to content found on YouTube without the tedium? Then you couldn’t have picked a better helper.

Setting the software up is a cakewalk, and we’d never pester you by form filling or surveys. All you get in this attractive YouTube downloader is a people-focused UI geared towards assisting anyone trying to download the video they’ve been pining over with a click or two. Only copying and pasting links is involved, and anyone can master that in seconds.

Our YouTube audio downloader differs from lesser alternatives since it includes ID3 tag management and creation. This MP3Studio feature is indispensable for creating well-organized and accessible playlists focusing on criteria you choose. All of the files you download don’t need to reside in the same place either – a few tweaks to the corresponding settings let you send them off to external drives and devices you’re likely to listen to them on the most.

There are more file types on offer than most users will care to explore. However, audiophiles and novices alike are sure to appreciate the total lack of throttling when downloading. Nothing but your ISP’s restrictions stand in the way now.

Updating the treasure trove of music with the latest smash hits suddenly got much more fun!


No Artificial Download restrictions

Sometimes less savory programs will bum you out by intentionally limiting transfer speeds. It’s a cheap trick designed to try your patience and make you reach for your wallet as only paying will magically remove all barriers. You’ll never experience this while downloading with MP3Studio. Better yet, this carries over whether you need a single new track or a whole discography.

Limitless Conversion

Feel free to convert as many videos from YouTube to music or another video type more suited to playback on your favorite devices. Like with download speeds, no restrictions exist on the amount and type of conversions you’re allowed to perform at any given time. This is true whether you’re not sure what format to use for a single file and are experimenting, or for when you’ve finally found a cool playlist & need all the videos within converted.

Secure and Private

Ensuring that each MP3 download is risk-free is a duty we take extremely seriously. MP3Studio users are never asked for personal info, and the downloading process itself doesn’t involve third parties. Also, you don’t need an account to use any built-in feature. We track neither your activity nor habits. Whether you’re into polka or pirate metal is no business of ours, nor anyone else’s for that matter.

Built to Perform Flawlessly on Your Chosen Platform

The elegance of this software shines through best in terms of platform choice. You certainly don’t need to be tethered to a desk and an Ethernet connection to turn downloaded videos into one or more formats at your beck and call. This is the YouTube audio downloader Android tablets & smartphones, Windows PCs, and Macs will use with equal simplicity. Of course, some of the interface’s elements will differ based on screen orientation and operating system, but all of them ensure a pleasant user experience.

Supporting the Formats Important to You

A smorgasbord of diverse formats is an MP3Studio staple. A quick glance at the well laid-out interface will present you with most of the commonly-used options. Expect instant access to 3GP, M4A, MP3, FLV MP4, WEBM, MO... The list goes on, but the process is streamlined regardless.
Whenever the urge to save media from YouTube strikes you, the MP3Studio YouTube Downloader can lend a hand. Its user-friendly take on converting videos means you don’t have to read exhaustive manuals or watch tutorial videos to hit the ground running. Going from opening it up the first time to completing your first conversions out of YouTube to MP4, 3GP, MP3, WMA, etc. takes minutes at worst.

How Can MP3Studio Be Used to Download Audio off of YouTube

A staggering number of undiscovered masterpieces and old favorites are yours to explore and keep. Accessing them involves getting MP3Studio first and installing it, which is a simple affair. You ought to have no trouble getting to grips with the layout or controls after that since it’s familiar to mobile and desktop users alike.

Grab MP3Studio from the official site

Select the large button labeled DOWNLOAD below to gain access to the MP3Studio for Android or Windows. Launch the installer and follow the instructions until the software is successfully installed.

Choose a video

Pick a video you want to be downloaded.

You’ll first need to visit YouTube or a different video hosting service of your choice and find an interesting video. You then have to select the link in the address bar of your browser and copy it.

Paste the copied link into MP3Studio’s input field

Run our YouTube downloader and navigate to its input field. Paste the copied video or playlist link into the field. MP3Studio will recognize any compatible URL without further action on your part.

Choose the audio or video format you wish to download

MP3Studio can take different video or audio files and convert them into various formats. This opens up lots of options. For example, you can extract 128Kbps audio in MP3 format from a video or convert a large 4K clip into something more manageable like MP4. The breadth of choices lets you end up with files that are perfect for your needs and device.

Start the conversion by clicking “convert”

A no-brainer, isn’t it? You just have to give the program a moment after clicking on “convert” for the video to be downloaded, converted, and ready to use. MP3Studio’s speed is unmatched, and it won't perform unnecessary conversions if the input and output formats are the same. You won't need to wait long since MP3Studio’s speed is hard to beat!

Have fun with our YouTube downloader for free!

That’s all it takes to keep using MP3Studio free of charge, and for however long you want! Be on the lookout for news & other developments, and remember to keep the program up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which resolutions and video formats is MP3Studio able to download and/or convert?

MP3Studio puts out videos at HD quality. 24, 30, and 60 frames per second are supported. You can also download and convert 360-degree videos! These are best viewed through virtual reality goggles like Google Cardboard.

Any video can be converted to 3GP, AVI, MP4, or WebM. You can have MP3Studio convert the video as it’s being downloaded or save it to a disk drive and do so later with a feature that converts local files.

2. Which bitrates and audio formats can MP3Studio convert and download?

You can download songs off of YouTube in MP3 format with a maximum native bitrate of 128Kbps. MP3Studio also supports converting YouTube songs to MP3s with a bit rate of 320Kbps or lower. That’s great news for audiophiles everywhere!

Our downloader supports AAC and Vorbis as well. AAC or Advanced Audio Coding is a codec that offers the same bitrate as MP3 but offers better sound quality. Vorbis surpasses MP3 in technical sophistication and is available at 192Kbps.

Want to know more about what format to use when downloading audio from YouTube? Your ears ought to get a kick out of it!

3. How does transferring downloaded files to your phone work?

Setting up cloud storage from Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox on your phone and computer is the fastest way. That will automatically sync the files you place into shared folders and make them available on both devices.

4. What makes desktop-based downloaders better than web-based ones?

Great question! There are a few compelling reasons for this. Web-based downloaders have limited resources at their disposal and are often accessed by many people at once. The owners have to make the cost up somehow, so they limit download speeds or available output quality. Some resort to even more aggressive or questionable ways of monetizing the site.

Your computer takes care of the conversions, so we only need a fraction of the resources to provide it.

Here’s a short summary of why you should choose MP3Studio over sites like YTMP3, KeepVid, YooDownload, or SaveMedia:

  • Video length is not limited
  • Considerably faster batch downloading
  • One-click playlist downloads
  • Live streams and subtitles are supported too
  • It doesn’t bug you with irritating and suspicious ads
  • More ways to protect your privacy

5. Is downloading videos from YouTube and websites like it legal?

Downloading a video you don’t intend to distribute further is legal. “Fair Use” also makes downloading some videos legal for commercial means, as long as you comply with its guidelines. Using something other than the download button YouTube provides can be seen as a breach of its ToS. However, we’ve yet to hear of someone actually getting into trouble because of this.

We strongly believe that downloading a video from a site that shares them to be consumed at a later time or in offline mode serves the same purpose as timeshifting, so it should fall under fair use. The case of Betamax already sets a precedent. Downloading videos that claim no copyright is therefore legal.

If a video doesn’t hold the Creative Commons license, we advise that you ask its creator for permission first before downloading.