How do you Download YouTube Videos to your Computer?

YouTube is an incredibly popular service, as it hosts a lot of interesting videos, ranging from movies and lectures to your favorite tunes. It works perfectly until you suddenly lose connection to the internet. Luckily, every video on the site can also be downloaded, so you can access them anytime you want. We will show you exactly how to download YouTube videos to your computer.

Use MP3Studio YouTube Converter

MP3Studio is a completely free YouTube converter that requires no registration. You can download it on our official website. The beauty of this application is its speed and ease of use. Your videos will be available in no time by following these steps:

  1. Choose the Desired Video

    Or get the link of your whole playlist. To make sure you have selected the correct URL, the app will let you play the video before downloading YouTube videos to your computer.

  2. Open MP3Studio

    Just paste your link into the input bar and your download can start. MP3Studio also has a multi-download option, which lets you get up to 99 videos at the same time! Since there is no cap to the download speed, you will get your songs very quickly.

  3. Choose the Format you Like

    MP3Studio lets you choose between various audio and video formats: mp4, mp3, flv, avi, mow, wmw, wma. Now you can download videos in high definition quality. The “HD” button is in the “format” section.

  4. The Last Step

    After pressing the “convert” button you can download your video or audio file. The process will take only several seconds. Now you have an opportunity to watch it or listen to it offline. You can also send the downloaded file via email or to your DropBox.

Stream Videos before Downloading

MP3Studio features an audio player, so you can watch every video before downloading. This way you can always be sure that you selected the right one.

Organize your Videos

When you download whole playlists, it can be hard to find that one video you really want to see. ID3 Tag Editor will help you organize your content and quickly find exactly what you are looking for.