How to Download a Facebook Video to a Computer for Free

According to the data, there is still a strong urge to use social media platforms like Facebook. In fact, more than 1.6 billion users visit Facebook on a daily basis. What is more, every year the number of active users on Facebook continues to rise.

Videos, specifically, are becoming more popular and make up for approximately 11% of Facebook posts. Facebook videos alone receive as many as 8 million views per day. While people are more likely to watch live streams, recorded videos that are uploaded to Facebook are still popular, particularly among mobile users.

Though, there is one glaring issue with Facebook videos and that is that you can’t download it to your computer without using software. Downloading videos directly to your computer can be very convenient as this way you can still enjoy your favorite video moments on the social media site multiple times with loved ones even if you do not have access to a strong Internet connection or, worse yet, you have run out of data.

Is MP3Studio’s Facebook Video Downloader Tool for Downloading Facebook Videos Worth It?

When you consider how much video content is available on Facebook, the smart thing to do is to get a tool that you can use to download that content directly to your computer. This way when you do not have access to the Internet, you still have a huge library of entertaining videos right at your fingertips.

By using this Facebook video downloader application , ou can download Facebook videos beforehand. This way you do not have to use any valuable data if you want to replay a video or maybe show it to someone else like a parent or friend.

Not only will you not have to pay for data, you also do not have to pay anything to use this Facebook video downloader. It is completely free! No subscription fees whatsoever!

Several other similar software solutions claim that you can also use them free of charge, but they might upload malware to your computer. When you use MP3Studio, you do not have to fear that hidden malware will find its way to your computer. What is more, you also do not have to waste your time filling out registration forms.

How Does MP3Studio Work?

The following are the simple steps that you need to complete:

  1. Step 1.

    Find the URL of the Facebook video in the post’s menu that you want to save to your computer and then paste this link into the box.

  2. Step 2.

    Select the file format that you prefer. With this free tool, you can download a Facebook video in different audio and video formats.

  3. Step 3.

    Click on the “Download” option to save the Facebook video to your computer right away.

Try our software to experience for yourself how easy it can be to download a video from Facebook.